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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

KRAFTWERK / Autobahn (1974)

I have friends that like dance music. With very few exceptions, I don't like the genre. I look through their CD collection, and they look through mine, and after shaking our heads for twenty minutes we discover that the only similarity is Kraftwerk. Autobahn is music for everyone, or no one. It's also is a masterpiece. Track one is twenty-two minutes long and simulates a drive on the German expressway. I'm not kidding. It has whooshing cars, horns, Moog bass, synth that actually works and happy vocoded vocals. It's soothing and very catchy. The remainder of the album is equally as odd, but is the template by which all electronica is measured. You'll be singing the chorus on your first listen.

Songs of Note: AutobahnMorgenspaziergang

5 drive drive drive on the Autobahn out of 5

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