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Saturday, January 14, 2012

THE SISTERS OF MERCY / Floodland (1987)

Andrew Eldritch and Doktor Avalanche were all that was left of TSOM after the first album.  And as Doktor Avalanche doesn’t have a body, Floodland is an Eldritch solo album.  It sounds like it was conceived to be played in a sunken cathedral, as you float along in a current of shadows hell-bent on dragging you into an aria of gothic atmosphere...  It’s a soundtrack to the opening of your eyes to the bastardry of love and the reason the world is all wrong,  until it all crumbles around you.  Get the extended version for extra sparkly bonus track goodness, including a 12 minute version of Neverland.

Songs of Note: Dominion / Mother Russia; 1959 

4½ Ozymandias is under water out of 5

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