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Friday, January 13, 2012

AMORPHIS / My Kantele EP (1997)

An acoustic version of a track originally on AmorphisElegy (1996) album, two previously unreleased tracks and two new covers make the E.P a must for fans of the guys from Finland. The E.P is less metal than the album was but the song writing is no less interesting. It's a lot more folk and poetically driven than they were originally known for. Strangely, I prefer this version, it has a beauty that the original lacked. The two covers I mentioned are a Hawkwind song, and a Kingston Wall song. If you liked the experimental progressive folksy metal of the Elegy album, then the chances are good that you'll like My Kantele, too.

Songs of Note: My Kantele (Acoustic Reprise); The Brother-Slayer

4 strings gathered from torments out of 5

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