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Thursday, March 15, 2012

BURZUM / Dauði Baldrs (1997)

Mr Stabby may be an asshole at times but he made some fine Black Metal in his time. The Dauði Baldrs album is different. It was the first release from his prison cell. Being denied a guitar and drums, etc, meant he had to make do with a PC and as a result it's mostly synth. It tells the story of Baldur and Loki and the rest of the gang. There are no lyrics, so you have to read the accompanying booklet or research the story elsewhere; it's not hard to find (it's kinda famous).
You'll maybe struggle to find it now, but the vinyl edition is a great release.

Songs of Note: Daudi Baldrs; Moti Ragnarokum

3 ill tidings out of 5

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