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Friday, March 30, 2012

PAUL SIMON / Graceland (1986)

The sun is shining. The birds are tweeting (for real, not on twitter). My neighbour is still unaware that yesterday I shat on his lawn. Life is good. It put me in the mood for happy-joy-joy music. Hence Paul Simon. Everyone needs Graceland. Do I need to describe it? It's so famous. I’ll spare a few words in case you've been living in a cave for the past thirty years. It's a blend of traditional Pop with Mbaqanga (South African Pop music). Parts of it are firmly rooted in that 80s sound, which ages it slightly, but the rest has a timeless quality. It's occasionally calming, often stirring, and always infectious. Once it's in your head, it stays there and you'll be better for it. Take it back to your cave and fall in love with it. ♥

Songs of Note: The Boy in the Bubble; Graceland

5 days of miracles and wonder out of 5

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