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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

CARTER U.S.M / Starry Eyed and Bollock Naked (1994)

Carter often used the B-Sides of their singles to try new things. It made the 7" worth buying. Kids today think a 7" is a kind of sandwich, so give them this instead, it collects together most of the band's flip-sides and it'll shut the snotty little bastards up for longer than a fattening sarnie would. It's missing some covers they did, but the 18 tracks on offer are as good as anything on the regular albums. What the record company thought a waste of time has become my second favourite Carter album. If you like the band, you need Starry Eyed.

Songs of Note: Re-educating RitaAlternative Alf Garnett *

5  keys behind the bar out of 5

* Those aren't the studio versions but it's all I could find on failtube.

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