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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

PINK FLOYD / The Wall [1979]

Pink Floyd's ambitious 1979 rock opera The Wall is a theatrical classic in every way.
A musical masterpiece that collected the themes Roger Waters seemingly obsessed over to the point of near madness. It's just as angry and as cynical as Animals but Waters balances that out by portraying an emotional fragile side as well. Musically it's a little outdated at times but makes up for it with some of the most emotionally powerful songs the Floyd ever recorded. Waters' rugged vocals make for some great moments of sincerity and other moments are cringe worthy. While David Gilmour is on the top of his game with both vocals and guitar playing.
The legacy of The Wall can not be denied and one of Floyd's best records.

5 nearly Pros & Cons out of 5

Songs Of Note: Mother; Hey You

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