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Sunday, March 18, 2012

SIGH / In Somniphobia (2012)

Sigh continue to surprise. They make avant-garde Metal that's the perfect soundtrack to films that don't exist. In Somniphobia pulls the listener through a gothic horror drama, then drops them behind the scenes at a jazz club hosting a late night carnival fancy dress party. The middle part of the album, Lucid nightmares I–VII, is so off the wall for a Metal band that you'll maybe wonder where the wall went. Did I mention there's accordion? And I think there may have been strippers. It makes me want to own a wind-up psychotic doll and donate it to a children's home. If you're familiar with Sigh's past work, then you'll know to expect the unexpected. Happily, they once again deliver it.

4 dreams that take a left turn at mystery corner out of 5

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