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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

OVERKILL / The Electric Age (2012)

Overkill have been around for over three decades! It's hard to believe. TEA sounds like it was made by people half their age. Their peers should take note, THIS is how to do it. It's filled with vibrant speedy guitars, solos that serve a purpose, frantic thrash drums and some familiar but nevertheless dynamic song writing. Ironbound (2010) was a hard act to follow, but they gave it their all and their all was good enough for me. If Bobby's vocals don't tear your ear to shreds, and if you have a love of old-school thrash, then chances are good you'll not be disappointed with their sixteenth studio album. Yes, there's been that many!

Songs of Note: Come and Get ItElectric Rattlesnake

4 old guys creating new scars out of 5

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