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Saturday, March 10, 2012

GREEN DAY / 21st Century Breakdown [2009]

After the massive success of the punk rock opera American Idiot, Green Day faced the difficult task of coming up with an album that was better or equally as good.
2009's loosely conceptual 21st Century Breakdown doesn't live up to it but tries it's damnedest. With producer Butch Vig on board, 21st Century sounds a little too polished to express the danger and rawness Green Day are trying to portray with such clichéd politically angry lyrics. Featuring just a small handful of 5 star songs and a whole bunch of potentially great songs that wander around with no direction, 21st Century just seems like a bloated, self-indulgent mess without the entertaining wiseass lyrics of American Idiot.

2½ 1972's out of 5

Songs Of Note: Peacemaker; ¿Viva la Gloria? (Little Girl)

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