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Saturday, March 3, 2012

PINK FLOYD / Dark Side Of The Moon [1973]

It was made very apparent that prog-rock pioneers Pink Floyd had set out to produce the record that would break them into the mainstream with their career defining monster classic 1973's Dark Side Of The Moon.
Conceptually framed with the things that make people batshit crazy, Dark Side perfected the use of sound effects and the balance of instrumentals & vocals in their songwriting, both of which Floyd had trouble balancing in the past.
The addition of female vocals and saxophone, both extremely popular at the time, cemented the inevitable success of the album. Nowadays it'd be called "selling out", back then it was called creating a masterwork.

4 Pieces For Assorted Lunatics out of 5

Songs Of Note: Us & Them; Brain Damage/Eclipse


Dr Faustus said...

I'd give it the full 5 lunatics on the grass out of 5. Also, throw in some recognition for Alan Parsons. He did a fine job.

cuckoo77 said...

I tried to fit Parsons, Storm and Hipgnosis in every Floyd Nut but they just don't fit. :(

I literally haven't listened to this album for over 10 years, with the exception of hearing songs on the radio or something. I was never awfully fond of it. I didn't own it until about 4 days ago. XD
By memory, I would have given it a grew on me a bit more.

Dr Faustus said...

I've owned it on every format over the years. Had cassette, replaced it for LP, replaced it for CD. I really love it. Haven't heard it in a long time either but I could play the entire thing in my head, I know it that well. I have that 30th anniversary SACD one, it probably wouldn't even rip into the PC if I tried. Stupid fecking surround music. :mad:

cuckoo77 said...

Had it on LP and cassette. Never CD until now.

Considered buying the fancy schmancy $150 "Immersion" package...but for an album I wasn't too sure about I skipped it.
Might jump at the "Wish You Were Here" and "Wall" immersion packages though.

Dr Faustus said...

I drooled all over both of those at HMV. Both very sexy.

They didn't have to carry me out, I'd have left eventually. :sad:

cuckoo77 said...


They're feckin' expensive but...but....WANT.