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Thursday, May 9, 2013

NATALIE MAINES / Mother [2013]

With the promise of new Dixie Chicks material floating dead in the water for over 7 years, vocalist Natalie Maines releases her first solo album, 2013's Mother.
After stating she was tired of modern country music and wanted to record a rock album, one might have expected something with a bit of a rough attitude.  Instead it's mostly polished, watered down pop-rock of both originals & covers, taking it's self a bit too seriously when it doesn't offer much in the way of character.  There's a few strong moments scattered throughout the mix but considering Maines' habit of attracting trouble, you'd think it'd have more to it but in the end it's a huge missed opportunity to really rise to the occasion.

2 trained circus freaks out of 5

Songs Of Note: Mother; Lover, You Should Come Over

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