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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

ROBERT PLANT | ALISON KRAUSS / Raising Sand (2007)

A collection of covers from two giants in their respective fields. It's mostly English born Plant up front vocally, accompanied by some lush backing from the blue grass gal from Illinois. The harmony between the two works beautifully.
There are some upbeat tracks, but mostly it's a warm and luxurious sound that's comforting; the kind of music best enjoyed alone, late at night, with a drink.
The stand out tracks are superb. Everything else lends support in its own unique way. To my ears, it's much better than a Robert Plant solo album, but not as good as Alison Krauss' own most recent album with Union Station.

Songs of Note: Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us; Please Read the Letter

3½ echoes strung out of 5

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