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Thursday, May 9, 2013

THE KNIFE / Shaking The Habitual [2013]

Swedish electronic duo The Knife burn all their safety nets and put on a brave face to compose something insanely creative and rewarding on 2013's double disc album Shaking The Habitual.
Despite having some catchy pop music sensibilities, this album couldn't be any further away from the genre and instead confuses, disturbs, challenges and fascinates with it's bizarre textures and tones that are placed with exquisite care and thought.   Don't let the politically charged lyrics scare you away if it's not your thing, because this auditory work of art is worth checking out at least once to see if it's your thing.  It's essentially pop music, dissected, distorted and disturbed into something virtually unrecognizable, yet creepily familiar.

5 Foucault quotes out of 5

Songs Of Note: A Tooth For An EyeFull Of Fire

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Dr Faustus said...

I thought Carter USM's Worry Bomb was the worst album art ever but that eye-bleeder just took the crown.