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Sunday, May 26, 2013

HAGALAZ' RUNEDANCE / Urd - That Which Was (1999)

Andrea followed up a wonderfully evocative début album with a half-assed E.P. that sticks to the pagan/neo-folk template for just two songs before descending into lazy dance beat remix territory. The remixes are appalling. Why she allowed that kind of crap to sully her beautifully stark and honest work is a mystery. Urd should've been a single, not an E.P. with 60% filler.
Of the two tracks that are worth your time, Wake Skadi was later re-recorded for the Volven (2000) album, where it sounds much better. So, really, all you'll need Urd for is the title track, and it's not even very good. It's more trance than tribal.

Songs of Note: Wake Skadi; Urd - That Which Was

1½ veils out of 5

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