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Thursday, May 16, 2013

KATE BUSH / The Red Shoes (1993)

The Red Shoes album seems to divide fans more than any of Kate's other more experimental releases. I find that odd because, while it's certainly a multi-layered work, it's not an overly complex album. It's layered in a very safe and organised way. The maturity in her arrangements, coupled with the confidence and belief in her own ability, give it the edge needed to overcome the 'Pop album' tag. For me, it's another strong release from a very unique talent. I heard it first during a turbulent time in my life, and even though listening to it stirs up those memories from time to time, it helps me to better appreciate them, too.
Kate made a short film to accompany the album, you can read about it HERE.

Songs of Note: Rubberband Girl; The Red Shoes

4 discs of golden light out of 5

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