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Friday, May 24, 2013

BECK / Odelay (1996)

Beck was the counter-culture beat poet of his generation. He's slipped in recent years, but back in the day he was unsurpassed. Odelay takes eclectic cues and influences from all over. There's folk, country, garage, atonal electro, hip hop, calypso, eastern percussion, Beastie Boys style rap and much, much more. It's the musical equivalent of a hazy but purposeful collage of colours and textures cut from magazines with crinkle scissors. You'd maybe imagine that would produce a jarring aural experience, but everything flows beautifully from one trip to the next, meaning the album should be enjoyed as a whole, not split for a playlist.

Songs of Note: The New Pollution; Jackass

5 scratchy record sounds out of 5

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