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Thursday, May 9, 2013

THE MAGNETIC FIELDS / Realism [2010]

When concluding the No Synth Trilogy, Stephen Merritt decided to go the opposite of the sonically distorted textures of Distortion and take in some acoustic folk sounds for The Magnetic Fields' 2010 album, Realism.
Merritt sounds right at home with simple & melodic plucky pop songs that allow him to gently layer the delicate, airy vocals over top of it all with great ease.  As light and bubbly as the songs sound, Merritt always manages to sneak in snarky lyrics with a cold smile on his face.  Unfortunately it really is an album that has me divided over the really great songs scattered throughout the half-baked, near irritating songs that are borderline kiddy tunes with a bit too much pep.

3 Hootenannys out of 5

Songs Of Note: You Must Be Out Of Your MindSeduced And Abandoned

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