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Thursday, May 30, 2013

SKINNY PUPPY / Weapon [2013]

After several albums in a row were criticized by fans of their older work, Industrial pioneers Skinny Puppy make a return to form of sorts on 2013's Weapon.
Scaling back on the guitars, the act push the abrasive synths and broken but driving drumbeats to the forefront again, making a wonderful minimal backdrop for Nivek Ogre's distorted angry "European" Muppet vocals to glue everything together.  It might be a throwback to their early days but it still manages to keep a melodic danceable tone to it that makes it a little more accessible than their earlier outings.  Even with it's multiple weak spots, this album is still welcome in my Skinny Puppy collection.

3 human animal weapons out of 5

Songs Of Note: illisiTparagUn

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