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Friday, May 31, 2013

BATHORY / Jubileum: Volume I (1992)

Quorthon was still alive in '92 but he'd publicly called it a day as far as Bathory was concerned (it didn't last, he came back with the Requiem (1994) album, but that's for another time) and so the plundering of the back catalogue by the record label began. Jubileum: Vol I is an uneven and messy compilation. As an introduction it fails; the tracks are all great but Bathory's pronounced evolution over the years means the songs fight each other when taken out of chronological order, which is how they're presented here. As if in apology, Black Mark included a handful of rare and unreleased material. As usual with this kind of collection, I'll link the new songs even though they aren't the best the album has to offer, because some fans may not be aware of them.

Songs of Note: Rider at the Gate Of Dawn; Crawl to Your Cross

4 eternal fires out of 5

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