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Thursday, May 16, 2013

TYPE O NEGATIVE / World Coming Down (1999)

Type O Neg are dark, we all know that, but there's always a lighter, mocking tone lurking in the background. They embraced Goth culture and all its trappings while simultaneously poking fun at its morose bastard absurdity. The knowing wink to self-parody is still evident (e.g. Creepy Green Light) but it's been lessened, and in its place the depression has flourished like a funeral lily.
Lyrically, its primary focus is death and the emotional agony that surrounds it like flies around shit. It's a mournful experience that's nevertheless an engaging one, but only if you're in the right mood. If you're not, it'll be a miserable crawl through distorted riffs and slow painful melodies imbued with sorrowful synergy.

Songs of Note: Everyone I Love is Dead; Everything Dies

3½ cremated moths out of 5

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