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Friday, January 4, 2013

DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT / Widowmaker [2012]

After their well received 2009 debut album, UK metal act Dragged Into Sunlight decided to experiment a bit on their 2012 sophomore effort, Widowmaker.
While they still juggle every single extreme metal genre into their sound, the band took it upon themselves to break the entire album up into only three extended tracks of misery, fear and noise.  Using their standard instruments, the quartet throws in some screeching violins, meandering pianos and silly voice samples into the mix to accentuate the dread and hatred they're trying to spew forth.  They do bring some interesting textures and ideas to the table but they seem so fresh as a collective, experimenting like this sounds amateurish and should have been held off for another album or two.

2½ cute little balaclavas out of 5

Songs Of Note: Part 1Part 2

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