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Friday, January 4, 2013

SOAP&SKIN / Narrow [2012]

In response to the sudden death of her father, Austria's Anja Plaschg (aka Soap&Skin) recorded her 2012 8-song mini-album, Narrow.
A thing of stark intimate beauty, the album flourishes with intense feelings of sadness and loss through Plaschg's bold, yet trembling, voice and strikingly emotional piano playing.  She might not always sing in English but her voice soars past language barriers with it's angry & confused passionate depth, while her piano playing goes back and forth between gentle chord progressions to powerful hammering of the keys over skittish industrial rhythms and textures.  A perfect album that's more awe-inspiring than entertaining,  Narrow is something to pull out on a rainy day and let it seep into your heart.

5 Desireless made desirable out of 5

Songs Of Note: DeathmentalWonder

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