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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

RAMONA FALLS / Prophet [2012]

Former member of Menomena, Brent Knopf throws all his focus on his one-time side project Ramona Falls for it's second album, 2012's Prophet
Like his work with Menomena, Knopf uses sonic elements to create indie-pop music that sounds more organic than electronic, which is quite cleverly deceiving and effective.  Knopf juggles the intimate and sensitive with the large, grandiose textures, only this time focusing more on the larger scope of things.  Since he slightly resembles Thom Yorke, Knopf's voice should work quite well, unfortunately he doesn't share the same creative voice or lyrical techniques to hold it all together.

3 songs about the wonders of nature out of 5

Songs Of Note: SporeIF I Equals U

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