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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

OVERKILL / The Years of Decay (1989)

There's some decent thrash riffs played very straight on TYoD that a lesser band would love to own, but for an Overkill album it's somewhat disappointing. Even the production is decent but uninspired for the most part. However, three tracks in particular make it essential; two of which are linked below.
Playing with Spiders is a bold departure from the norm but it works. The sluggish Sabbath crawl needs a pair of speakers that can output some hefty bottom end to fully appreciate; that extra oomph makes all the difference.
The third great track, which I haven't linked, is the continuation of the multi-song Overkill Saga, E.vil N.ever D.ies. You see what they did there? Gotta love 'em.

Songs of Note: Playing with Spiders (Skullkrusher)The Years of Decay

3 feet going down out of 5

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