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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

AESOP ROCK / Skelethon [2012]

Seeing as Aesop Rock was at the forefront of the rise of underground hip-hop in the late '90's makes it an event, for anybody who's been following the scene, whenever he releases a new record.  
2012's Skelethon is an angry, lash back at at all the problems A-Rock faced over the past few years, which would explain the sudden lyrical obsession with death.  The production is heavy on riotous drum rhythms, fuzzy guitar work and industrial synth-drones possibly to counter-balance the exposed vulnerability A-Rock is feeling on this album.  Not his best album but still a confirmation that Aesop Rock remains one of the best in his genre.

4 walks into the light out of 5

Songs Of Note: Zero Dark ThirtyRuby '81

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