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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

PUBLIC ENEMY / The Evil Empire Of Everything [2012]

Released only a few months after their last album, Public Enemy's 2nd album of 2012, The Evil Empire Of Everything is noticeably angrier and more confident than their previous record.  
Right off the bat, PE aims to disturb and make you think, with a horrifying sound collage centered around the Trayvon Martin 911 calls and it only gets grittier & more politically charged with face-stomping rhythms, face-punching lyrical deliveries and the inevitable collaboration with Tom Morello & Henry Rollins.  Public Enemy prove they know how to age gracefully, without hanging onto the glory days or aiming to please the present day mainstream and only staying as strong as they've ever been.  

4 problems with rap music out of 5

Songs Of Note: 1 (PEace)Broke Diva

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