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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

LIARS / WIXIW [2012]

Alt-dance act Liars redefine their sound with each album without completely ostracizing their fanbase, so it's no surprise they eventually entered into the tripped-out electronic sound on 2012's curiously palindrome titled album WIXIW.
Swirling with eerie shimmering synth textures pulsating back and forth between splashes of soft base tones and bizarre percussive experimentation, the album somehow creates a surreal paranoid mood lost in a frantic slo-mo setting, with heavy hints of Radiohead thrown into the mix.  As new as they are to the electro sound, Liars sound as if they're vets in the genre as they perform it with such confident ease.

4 wish you's out of 5

Songs Of Note: OctagonBrats

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