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Saturday, January 5, 2013

TENNIS / Young & Old [2012]

Oddly enough the title of the first song, "It All Feels The Same"on indie-pop duo,Tennis' 2nd album, 2012's Young & Old seems to sum up the entire album like shooting oneself in the foot.  
Their first album had a fuzzy, yet charming, '50's girl pop thing going for it but they never quite hit the mark to make much an impression.  So instead of trying again, Tennis opt to step into the next decade by dipping into sleepy bubblegum pop from the late '60's without much success.  They have the right voice and chemistry to create something great but never seem to meet their potential by repeating what they've already established over and over and over.

2 black keys out of 5

Songs Of Note: My Better SelfRobin

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