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Thursday, January 3, 2013

MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS / Electra Heart [2012]

Marina Diamandis' (aka Marina And The Diamonds) second album, 2012's Electra Heart, is a concept album attempting to dissect American pop culture and it's need to destroy what it makes.  
Her music jumps between thumping New Wave pop songs and "genuine" bubbly pop crap, that makes me wonder about what exactly Diamandis was attempting.  While satirizing the American pop music scene, she's also recreating the real thing which wouldn't be out of place on the radio next to Katy Perry and that almost defeats the purpose.  I'll call that the Natural Born Killers syndrome and let it the kids squabble over that notion.  It's got ambition but ends up drowning in the same gene pool it was trying to break free from.

1 American Dream destroyed out of 5

Song Of Note: Bubblegum Bitch

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