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Monday, January 21, 2013

DOWN / Down IV: Part I - The Purple E.P (2012)

DOWN return to their roots for the six track Purple E.P. The 'Part I' refers to their plan to release IV in a series of such E.P.s over the next few years.
It's concrete heavy as you'd expect, with the same kind of slab-thick blues/doom/sludge riffs they're known for; you know, the ones that aren't a million miles away from a good Black Sabbath album. Amongst all the clones it's the high level of musicianship that raises this one high in the air. They aren't attributed the silly 'super-group' label for no good reason.

Songs of Note: Witchtripper; Misfortune Teller

3½ morals be damned out of 5

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