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Monday, January 14, 2013

FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM / Ceromonies (Ad Mortem Ad Vitam) (2012)

A career-spanning double live album from the arcane moodsters that was recorded over two nights at Shepherd's Bush Empire (London) in July 2008. (No shepherds were harmed during the making of the album.) As the title suggests, it's a kind of death and rebirth for the band; they wanted to capture what Fields of the Nephilim (and the short-lived Nefilim) had been, up to that point in time, before they began to sculpt their future. Carl McCoy's voice is as dusty as his coattails, but that's all part of the mystical charm.

Songs of Note: Penetration; Moonchild

3½ crescent moons out of 5

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