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Thursday, January 3, 2013

NORAH JONES / Little Broken Hearts [2012]

Norah Jones strays from her usual jazzy sound by working with producer Danger Mouse on her 5th record, 2012's moody break-up album, Little Broken Hearts
Normally Jones & DM wouldn't sound like a good mix but here they create a hauntingly beautiful cinematic sound both organic & spacey at the same time.  Normally, "break-up" albums get annoyingly mournful filled but Jones reamains hazily grounded and upbeat to prevent things from getting stale. 
The album isn't edgy enough for the indie-schmuck crowd nor is it friendly enough for the soccer mom crowd but will fit nicely on anyone's shelf that doesn't have a specific taste in good music.

4½ Russ Meyer posters out of 5

Songs Of Note: Little Broken HeartsMiriam

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