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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

ATOMS FOR PEACE / Amok [2013]

Thom Yorke's new project Atoms For Peace's debut album Amok is a strange experiment in meshing humans and machines.  Songs will start off quite organic but somehwhere along the way they become fully electronic, without you even realizing when it happened.  The album flourishes with fascinating tiny details and alluring textures, along with Yorke's voice sounds like he's actually having a bit of fun for once.  Unfortunately it sounds they spent so much time on sound design and not enough on the actual songwriting.  There's some great songs on here but not enough for a full-length album.  A 5-song EP would have been a more suitable choice.  

3½  ??????'s out of 5

Songs Of Note: Before Your Very Eyes; Dropped

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