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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

OINGO BOINGO / Farewell: Live from the Universal Amphitheatre [1995]

After nearly 25 years as an act, forming in 1972, off-kilter surf nerd group Oingo Boingo decided to call it quits.
Instead of withering away, the band celebrated one last time with a near 3 hour Farewell set one Halloween night in 1995 and recorded it for DVD & CD.  Hopping around their entire discography (excluding the dismal Dark At The End Of The Tunnel) the setlist has something for every generation of fans, including some brand new songs written for the show.  With their Klezmer meets jazzy African rhythms, wallpapered over intricate yet subtle orchestrations and unconventional scales, then slapped with a heavy new wave/punk vibe, it's easy for the finer details to get lost in the murky sound recording but that's all right considering the high energy of the show.

4 clowns of death out of 5

Songs Of Note: No One Lives ForeverWho Do You Want To Be

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