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Thursday, March 21, 2013

VARIOUS ARTISTS / The Walking Dead: Original Soundtrack - Volume 1 [2013]

My initial reaction to seeing the tracklisting on the 8 song soundtrack to the AMC television series The Walking Dead was "what a crock of shit".
1st: only 8 songs after 3 seasons?  Surely they could have included Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Chopin, Tom Waits and the legions of other great songs they used.  
2nd:  the only music from composer Bear McCreary is a dull remix of the theme.  
3rd: why are they only using songs from the third season?
After getting over the disappointment of everything that was wrong with the album, I came to find I'm actually really fond of 7 of the 8 tracks offered.  A organic, gritty collection of earthy songs that serve as wonderful sonic wallpaper to the apocalyptic zombie visuals onscreen.   

3½ parting songs out of 5

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