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Sunday, March 10, 2013

OINGO BOINGO / Dark At The End Of The Tunnel [1990]

18 years after forming, Oingo Boingo are showing signs that it's clearly time to wrap things up with 1990's Dark At The End Of The Tunnel.
Maybe it's because Danny Elfman had composing duties on Edward Scissorhands, Darkman, Dick Tracy and Nightbreed the same year but this album is a far cry from the party time favorite of John Hughes films.  Gone are the angry goofs of their previous albums, here's some adult pop crap that is void of any sort of personality, interesting arrangements or originality instead.  Elfman's lyrics are still top-notch but his musical ambition has run dry here.  Hell, the band even completely ignored the album on their Farewell tour setlist.  Thankfully they popped out one last great album before calling it quits.  

1½  songs from Midian out of 5

Songs Of Note: SkinFlesh 'N Blood

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