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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

THE MAGNETIC FIELDS / Distortion [2008]

2008's Distortion, the 2nd album in The Magnetic Fields' No Synth trilogy, is like Stephin Merritt's distorted love letter to The Jesus And Mary Chain's Psychocandy.
Buried underneath a gentle yet powerful distortion, is Merritt's taste for 60's pop meshed with sunny goth syrup complimented with absolutely twisted lyrics which all makes for an interesting and oddly pleasant listen.  As strong a presence as Merritt has, it's Shirley Simm's voice that steals the show when she's allowed to come to the forefront.  Now a little more confident without their trademark synths, Distortion makes for even more of a solid listen than their previous effort.

4 sober prisons out of 5

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