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Monday, March 25, 2013

MARTINA TOPLEY-BIRD / Quixotic [2003]

After years of appearing as a guest vocalist for Massive Attack, Primus, Tricky & Gorillaz, singer Martina Topley-Bird released her first solo album, Quixotic.  
A nice mix of trip-hop, rockand electronica gives off a Garbage sort of vibe, only with a little bit more of soul and blues sprinkled into the mix.  As wonderful as Topley-Bird's sultry voice is, her music plays it a little bit too safe to really be nothing more than a paint-by-numbers PJ Harvey clone released 5 or 6 years too late.  With folks like Josh Homme, Mark Lanegan, Tricky & score composer David Arnold lending their talents to the album I expected a bit more creativity.  It's decent music but nothing you haven't heard before done with more ingenuity.

3 Intros turned to Outros out of 5

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