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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

DIDO / Girl Who Got Away [2013]

5 years after her moody 2008 album Safe Trip Home, Dido returns with the more noticeably upbeat Girl Who Got Away.
Dido's sound subtly changes with each record but that sensually hushed voice over mid-tempo music lets us know it's unmistakably her.  This time around, she delicately layers a soft bed of electronics over her gentle pop songs, reminding me somewhat of Madonna's Ray Of Light album only not as forced.  Even with the addition of electronic flutterings and Kendrick LamarBrian Eno making guest spots, Dido can't escape that "overly vanilla" stamp she's been accused of but really, sometimes, it's exactly what the doctor ordered.  

3 survivors of success out of 5

Songs Of Note: No FreedomLoveless Hearts


Dr Faustus said...

I haven’t bought this album yet. The single didn’t win me over.
Both the first two albums took a while to grow on me so this one might be the same.
I'll explore more tracks on youtube before I take a plunge.

cuckoo77 said...

I'm thinking if you don't like the single, you wont' like the rest. The single is most like her older stuff. The rest of the songs are uber-electronica lite pop.

There's maybe 2 other standout tracks I considered for the Songs Of Note. The rest is pretty subpar.