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Saturday, March 2, 2013

BLACK LIGHT BURNS / Lotus Island [2013]

Released only 6 months after their previous record, Black Light Burns starts 2013 off with mostly instrumental soundscapes on Lotus Island.
Frontman Wes Borland considers it more a "thing" rather than an album or EP and curiously refers to it as an alternative score to the bizarre cult classic film The Holy Mountain.   It's more like a big ol' canvas of sound for Borland to paint whatever he desires without really worrying what the outcome would be.  Darker and moodier than previous BLB albums, it surprisingly brings in some lighter acoustic tones than usual, reminiscent of the late 60's psychedelic movement.  It will mostly leave you scratching your head but nevertheless a fascinating listenlike watching an artist paint in his own private quarters.

3 songs from the Underworld out of 5

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