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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE / The 20/20 Experience [2013]

Neo-soul artist turned actor Justin Timberlake returns to his music career, after a 7 year hiatus, with the first of two 2013 releases, The 20/20 Experience.  
More confident with his music, Timberlake opts for an experimental journey into textures, a wide variety of vamps, abrupt rhythm & key changes sprawled over lengthy spaced-out songs unsuitable for the short attention span of the radio.  With all but one song well over 5 minutes in length, the 10 songs album clocks in at 70 minutes, which might lose a lot of listeners after the weakness of the first two songs.  However it's worth it from track 3 and onwards, as Timberlake charismatically smothers it with his sly, seductive cool cat attitude.  

4 songs you can see out of 5

Songs Of Note: Don't Hold The WallLet The Groove Get In

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