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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

KILLING JOKE / The Courtauld Talks (1989)

A recording of a lecture that Jaz Coleman gave two years previous, offering an insight into his motivations for recording the Outside the Gate (1988) album.
It's largely spoken word, but when Geordie Walker starts up with a repetitive acoustic riff, Jaz's delivery begins to resemble a lyric structure.
It would've been a fascinating experience to witness live, but I'm not sure it needed a separate release; a bundled second disc with the OtG album would've been more relevant. It's hard to apply a rating, because enjoyment is solely dependent on your feelings for Jaz and his system of beliefs, but I'll try:

Songs of Note: It's one track lasting 66 mins.

3 Lovecrafts out of 5

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