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Monday, March 11, 2013

FRIGHTENED RABBIT / Pedestrian Verse [2013]

For 2013's Pedestrian Verse, Frightened Rabbit composed as a complete band rather than frontman Scott Hutchison doing all the writing.  
Moody, mopey and melodic haven't been this much fun since early New Order and The Cure.  With Leo Abrahams at the soundboard, there are several warms tones explored throughout each song that are more than pleasant to the ear.  As downbeat as the lyrics are, you still get an anthemic feeling about them like it's about to explode with smug sarcasm.  It's a fantastic example of upbeat, self-deprecating music made by shy folk for shy folk 

4 knights in shitty armour out of 5

Songs Of Note: HolyBackyard Skulls

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