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Sunday, December 30, 2012

P!NK / The Truth About Love [2012]

Joining the ranks of Adele, P!nk proves she's not just another '90's pop-tart trying desperately to grasp onto boppy songs about not being taken seriously or being hounded by paparazzi.  
Instead, on her 2012 album The Truth About Love, P!nk belts it out not because she can but because she genuinely feels it, like a younger, silkier Janis Joplin or Shirley Manson with bigger vocal chords.  Juggling back and forth between "go fuck yourself" party songs to cynical ballads with a smirk, P!nk's feisty attitude shines through every song, whether their gold or not.  There's a few silly clunkers scattered throughout the record but for the most part, it's a pretty solid in your face dance pop record with a nice major label edge to it. 

4 empty storybook love stories out of 5

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