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Friday, December 21, 2012

KE$HA / Warrior [2012]

Autotune obsessed electro-popster Ke$ha's debut Animal was an obnoxious and inane test of one's patience, so her 2nd album, 2012's Warrior is expected to be more of the same.  Not so.
Ke$ha doesn't exactly reinvent her potentially annoying electro-pop squeaky white girl rap sound but more or less builds upon it with a bit more confidence and thought.  This isn't my scene at all but I can't help but notice the care Ke$ha takes in her own songwriting and production.  Unlike other poptarts, Ke$ha doesn't pretend that she doesn't have a taste for trash and looking & acting like a slob.  That makes her music seem much more genuine than the transparent "sophistication" that Britney and Katy seem to like to portray. 

3 stooges out of 5

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