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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A WHISPER IN THE NOISE / To Forget [2012]

Recording for the first time as not just West Thordson, A Whisper In The Noise adds Sonja Larson to the project as violinist, vocalist and "all other instruments" for 2012's To Forget.
The soft, solemn textures defined on this album swirl around like something from Cliff Martinez's Solaris score or a version of Sigur Ros not so intent on putting you to sleep.  The stunning beauty on this album hints at loneliness and sadness but underneath it all, a glimmer of hope or acceptance can be found.
It's one of those personal albums where you press play and everything else just disappears as time stops.

4½  smiles in the shadows out of 5

Songs Of Note: Black ShroudYour Hand

1 comment:

Dr Faustus said...

I like this. Not heard them before. It's the middle of the day right now but I feel it would work beautifully in late evening, with a glass of the preferred in hand.