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Sunday, December 9, 2012

DEATH GRIPS / The Money Store [2012]

Hardcore hip-hop act Death Grips proved they were certainly not for the weak of heart on their 2011 mixtape Exmilitary and now take it an extra mile with The Money Store, their first of two albums in 2012.
An alienating mix of Suicidal Tendencies & Throbbing Gristle with Public Enemy & El-P, The Money Store is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding records of the year.  Through all the aggressive, noisy sludge they still manage to ground it all with a floor-stomping, neck snapping rhythm.  Oddly enough, Death Grips signed to a major label with this album but it wouldn't last long as they would prove with their second even more unsettling album of the year.  

4½ newborns in a ski mask out of 5

Songs Of Note: Blackjack;  Punk Weight

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