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Saturday, December 1, 2012

ULVER / Teachings in Silence (2002)

Ulver continued to erode their musical barriers with two Minimalist/Ambient E.P.s called Silence Teaches You How to Sing (2001) and Silencing the Singing (2001) that were collected together as this the following year due to their exploring similar themes. It's a dark and strangely compelling work that teases some beautiful haunting melodies beneath the pops, crackles and ambient glitch. The sounds have a very definite sense of timing and purpose; they're not random occurrences.
If you're a fan of ambient, you'll know that sifting through the sheer volume of crap available can sometimes unearth a gem; Teachings in Silence sparkles.

Songs of Note: Darling Didn't We Kill You; Speak Dead Speaker

4 ghostly whisperings out of 5

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