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Sunday, December 16, 2012

WOVEN HAND / The Laughing Stalk [2012]

After a live album and a "Best Of" album, it seem like Wovenhand were closing a chapter in their life and with the new stylistic direction taken on 2012's The Laughing Stalk it makes it so.  
Dave Edwards takes on a heavier, guitar driven approach with a seemingly more modern rock oriented style but still maintains a bit of the neo-folk sound they did so well in the past.  With a little focus on the Middle Eastern flavors, Wovenhand invites a Native American sound to the mix and gives a whole new way to sound menacing.  The new style doesn't always work but I'm interested to hear what Edwards & co. come up with as they grow more comfortable with this new direction.

3½ ass' jaw bones out of 5

Songs Of Note: Long HornAs Wool

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